Are you planning a business trip and need a reliable service?

Arrive fresh and ready for your business meeting. We’ll handle the driving, the navigation and the traffic while you ride in comfort and go through your notes. Alternatively, you might want someone reliable to collect your important clients.

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If you travel for business you’ll already know what a hassle it can be. You’re driving in an unfamiliar area, facing heavy traffic and trying to spot the right turning. By the time you finally get there, you’ve probably had enough for one day already. However, if you’re travelling to an important meeting, you’ve got to be at the top of your game and remember everything you wanted to say and listen to everyone else.

We know our business clients appreciate the way we take the strain out of business travel. Our driver will pick you up and help you with any equipment you need to take with you. He’ll give the road and the route his attention allowing you to prepare for the day ahead. When you reach your destination he’ll carefully choose a suitable place to drop you off and assist you to unload.

If you want someone to pick up an important client from the railway station, let us handle it. We’ll be there on time and we promise to give a good impression.

Our vehicles are clean and comfortable and our service is always friendly and courteous. Why not check out our prices or get in touch with any specific questions you might have.

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